There's some people on the stage, they think it's all over...

Post-match discussion at the 50th 'Anniversary 'Live' Screening of the 1966 World Cup Final. An interesting discussion on German/English fan culture. 

Watching the match 'live' was a fascinating experience, to some extent debunking the mythology that has grown up around the victory. Once I'd adjusted to the lack of a back-pass rule (how quickly we forget the chaos that introduced my Sunday League team back in 1992!) what was noticeable was how stretched the play was: both teams defending their 18-yard box virtually from kick-off. The result was plenty of space to pick up the ball in midfield and run with it. For my money, Alan Ball was man of the match, Geoff Hurst a virtual passenger! Moore & Jackie Charlton a formidable partnership. Off the pitch, there was a complete lack of hysteria, cliche or extended metaphor from commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme – Clive Tyldesley would've injected more hyperbole into the early rounds of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy.

Okay, enough of this World Cup nonsense. The real thing starts on Monday night: VfB Stuttgart v FC St. Pauli. Forza Sankt Pauli!