Millerntor Exhibition (until 30.08.2014)

The 1910 e.V. Museum project has opened its first exhibition in the space it hopes to occupy permanently on the Gegengerade. The provocatively (with tongue placed firmly in cheek)  titled exhibition "F*ck You, House of Pleasure" Millerntor Stadium, occupies over 600sqm and puts the Millerntor itself, centre-stage. 

I was asked to do a few Skype interviews with St. Pauli fans from around the world and I'm looking forward to seeing the results (and the rest of the exhibition in August), reports and pictures to follow.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the scale model of the Millerntor, that has been lovingly recreated. I'm also looking forward to seeing the model of the 'Freakwave' stand that was one of the options for a rebuilt Gegengerade.

The people behind the Museum project deserve a lot of praise, they give up an awful lot of free-time to make events like this happen. It's is great to be connected with them via the book.

Find out more about the exhibition here: