Millerntor Gallery #4 and 8th ANTIRA Sankt Pauli

Really excited to be taking part in two amazing events in Hamburg this weekend. I am speaking about the book at the Millerntor Gallery on Saturday 31 May at 2.30pm and also taking part in the 8th ANTIRA Sankt Pauli guesting for Republica Internationale of Leeds. 

Millerntor Gallery is a joint project between Viva Con Agua and FC St. Pauli, raising money and awareness for Viva Con Agua's clean drinking water projects around the world. The event runs from 29 - 31 May 2014 at the Millerntor Stadium. I'll be posting photos and a report from the even next week.

The 8th ANTIRA Sankt Pauli is running concurrently to the Millerntor Gallery, bringing together 35 like-minded anti-fascist teams from around Europe. There's football, discussion groups and entertainment. This year, for the first time, the tournament is being held on the pitch at the Millerntor.

It promises to be a fantastic weekend of football, art and politics.