Credit where it's due...

I knew I’d forget something. Just realised I haven’t included any photo credits in the final version of the book. If we get to print a second edition, this will be rectified. In the meantime:

The front cover photograph is from the old Gegengerade’s final game on 6 May 2012 against Paderborn. If you look closely you can see people carrying seats out of the ground (some people paid for them, others didn’t!) I took this picture from the Südkurve. The silhouette on the front cover is supposed to be St. Pauli goalkeeper/fan, Bene Pliquett taking the microphone and leading the singing. The inspiration came from a photograph from a favourite FCSP photo website of mine ( However, the website is no longer online and I’ve not been successful in contacting the owner. I would like to acknowledge the inspiration for the image (and, if necessary, pay any royalties for my adaptation of the image). The image on the back cover was taken by Scott Stubbs of Yorkshire St. Pauli on a tour of the new Gegengerade that I missed because my plane was delayed! Thanks to everyone for their contributions.  


                                                             Scott's pic

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